How To Find A Good Landlord

Finding a roommate is only half the battle. You also need to find a good place to live with an owner that cares about your needs. It’s tough to tell from the short viewing whether your landlord will be fair and attentive.

They’re Responsive To Your Issues

If you have a hard time getting a hold of the landlord when you’re going through the touring and application process, that’s usually a bad sign of things to come. It’s inevitable that something will break or go wrong in your apartment and you’ll need a quick responding landlord to handle the situation. If the landlord doesn’t get back to your application questions for a few days, imagine the wait you’ll be enduring when your sink or shower start leaking.

They Don’t Want Money Up Front

A good landlord won’t be desperate to get cash from you. To move in, you’ll likely need some combination of first and last month’s rent, plus security deposit. But these funds should only be deposited after an application has been approved and lease signed. And whatever you do, don’t give a cent to a landlord who wants you to sign a lease without viewing the apartment. There’s a good chance you’ll wind up never seeing that money again.

They Want Do To A Credit and Background Check

The credit and background check process can be tedious, but it’s important to protect both the renter and owner with credit and background checks. If a landlord wants to see your credit and criminal history, it’s because they value their property and the safety of their tenants. This often includes showing pay stubs to prove you make enough to cover the expenses. An owner who doesn’t want any background checks or proof of wages likely rents to anyone – including those with criminal pasts and no consistent source of income.

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