Watch For These Red Flags When Viewing An Apartment

Finding a roommate can be an exhausting process and WeRoomies makes it easier by setting up communities where potential cohabitants can meet, learn about each other’s way of life, and find someone compatible. Yes, it’s almost like online dating. But the apartment is just as important and you don’t want to move in sight unseen. Before signing any lease (or even really filling out an application), you’ll want to view the place you’re about to call home. Viewing the apartment before hand helps rule out unsuitable places. Here’s a few red flags to look for when touring a new place.

The Apartment Hasn’t Been Cleaned

Making a good first impression is key to enticing a renter and you should pause if the apartment hasn’t been cleaned. Trust me, you’d be stunned at what certain folks consider to be acceptable when it comes to cleanliness. Take note of the condition of the carpets, walls, and windows. Are there leftovers from the previous tenant? Open the fridge and make sure it has been cleaned out. If an apartment is dirty at a showing, it’s a sign of a messy roommate or lax maintenance service.

You Notice A Bad Smell

This doesn’t just refer to the apartment itself, but the surrounding hallways and common areas. Does it smell like smoke, garbage, or maybe something even worse? If you’re a young professional trying to avoid a college hangout, be mindful of the odors around you. If the hallways smell like smoke (or someone who can’t handle their liquor), it’s probably not just a one-time ordeal.

Appliances Don’t Work

Does the microwave work? And the oven and dishwasher? How about all the faucets and drains? It’s not a bad idea to make sure everything is in working order before filling out an application. If you’re living in a warm climate and the A/C isn’t working, it’s a big problem. An apartment with faulty appliances is likely owned by someone who doesn’t care if renters are happy.

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