Important Questions To Ask Before Move In Day

Find a new place to live can be a stressful process, so you’ll want to be as prepared when you begin your search. This is especially true when moving in with a roommate, who might have completely different expectations of specific living situations. There’s more to apartment hunting than just matching budgets – you’re looking for the personality combination as well. Unfortunately, you usually have to make a decision after only a few conversations with a potential roommate. Asking the right questions during that time is crucial to determining a good fit.

Which Deposits Are Refundable?

You’ll need more than just the first month’s rent to get in the door. Most places charge some combination of first month’s rent, last month’s rent, and a security deposit (sometimes all three!). Be sure to ask if you’ll be receiving any of this money back if you move out after your leases expires.

How Do I Pay Rent?

Making sure you know the proper way to send in the rent is important to avoiding late fees. Some landlords make it easy by accepting PayPal or Venmo, but many times you’ll be dropping off or mailing a check. Be sure find out where and when to make your payments.

How Do I Submit a Maintenance Request?

Pipes freeze, appliances break, and heaters run out of oil. It’s inevitable that something will require maintenance during a year-long lease, be sure you know how to get these issues handled swiftly.

What’s the Penalty For Terminating a Lease Early?

If you absolutely hate the place after living there for a couple months, how badly will breaking the lease set you back? Maybe the bills are too much, or life has thrown you a curveball elsewhere. Be sure you know if there’s a penalty for early termination and how much it is.

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