WeRoomies Helps Businesses Too

Relocating for work can be a scary experience. Whether you’re moving solo or picking up the family in a U-Haul, it’s a tremendous shock to the system and stress can be overwhelming. Businesses that understand the pressure relocating employees are under have been turning to WeRoomies to help create smoother transitions. Additionally, entire communities can be established with different groups and events for new employees.

Work has been forever changed by advances in recent technology. Having a smartphone means work can always be a tap away. Apps like Slack and Zoom have created virtual meeting places so that employees can connect at the press of a button. With WeRoomies, companies are leveraging these networking abilities to create comfort zones for new arrivals. No longer do new hires have to find their own way in a new city. Currently, local groups exist in the cities of San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, and New York.

To get started, you’ll have to create a profile, but you don’t need to get too personal with your descriptions. Just mention your employment situation and what you’d like to find in a roommate (and apartment). Add some hobbies and interests to your profile as well, this will help find roommates or groups with similar interests. After creating a profile, users can search for postings listed by companies looking for employees to relocate. Once you find a match for your personality and budget, you can share social media accounts, chat online, or even do secure video calls through WeRoomies’s communication services.

The social dynamics of the business world are changing and WeRoomies is helping companies adapt. For relocated workers, the pressure to succeed can sometimes be heightened by the added stress of the move. But if an employer fosters a healthy living environment outside of work, morale at the office can only improve and productivity won’t be far behind.



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