Living With Roommates Can Fatten Your Wallet

Housing costs continue to rise across the country, especially in cities like San Francisco and New York. Most people early in their professional life can’t afford anything more than a small apartment, especially young college graduates just entering the workforce. Between rent and utilities, it’s difficult to make ends meet by yourself. So why go it alone?

WeRoomies is developing a community so renters don’t have to shoulder all the costs by themselves. When you share a living space, you share many other things do – expenses, chores, cleaning, etc. Bills are cut in half and you’ll have some help vacuuming the place or shoveling snow from the walkway. Now, living with other people has downsides as well, especially if you like to pack the fridge with leftovers or have a random laundry schedule. But the pros outweigh cons.

Living expenses can complicate life, especially with your average monthly cable bill approaching $100. If you have a car payment, student loans, or credit card debt, coming up with the extra cash needed for a 200+ channel cable package is tough. Are you an NFL fan who wants the Red Zone channel? Get ready to empty your wallet.

But with a roommate, you’ll be able to break that costly cable package in two. You won’t be paying extra just because two screens are in use (although they will usually charge for two cable boxes). Paying $70-100 a month for TV and internet is nearly inevitable, even if you use Sling TV and a basic internet plan. When a cable bill is split two ways, you’ll also find it easier to afford premium channels like Showtime or Red Zone.

Now do this for all utility bills. Electricity, heating oil, gas, and water bills will all be split, and you’ll cut your cost of living dramatically. Ready to search for a roommate? Create a profile at WeRoomies and get started today.

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