Our Story

WeRoomies began as an idea to help roommates find one another. This idea first came to light by one of our founders, Steven. Some time ago, Steven tried to find low-cost housing in Los Angeles by looking for a good roommate. He quickly discovered that this process was more difficult and more cumbersome than what he initially thought. He wasn’t able to search for roommate whom he could trust or feel comfortable with.

Several years later, he met his girlfriend, Cindy. During the summer of 2015, Cindy graduated from USC and moved to Bellevue, California for work. She was also looking for affordable housing, a friend, and someone whom she could trust to split the rent so she would be able to afford other expenses.

Due to the high cost of living, living with a roommate just makes sense. And it is through these two personal experiences that WeRoomies become more than an idea…

Whether you are looking for a job, a significant other, or a roommate, there is someone out there for everyone. At WeRoomies, we walk you through the process of how to find a right roommate for you with our robust and credible resources. At WeRoomies, our goal is to connect like-minded roommates, safely and effectively, in order to save money and live happier.

Our Core Values



WeRoomies is a free solution that makes finding a roommate more like meeting a new friend.

Each member of WeRoomies has a profile that is a personal expression of everything from an individual’s interests and hobbies to his or her education and work history; combining that user’s social media accounts from LinkedIn, Facebook and/or Instagram with answers from our own questionnaire, so fellow members have the freedom to choose their most suitable roommates.

Each member has the liberty to chat or message through our fast and secure platform, where the ability to rate and review roommates benefits everyone.


WeRoomies celebrates the power of community.

Users can socialize online by joining an existing group, or they can start their own about any topic they like.

This camaraderie is critical to meeting offline, so members can come together – they can convene at the house or apartment where a room is for rent, or they can gather wherever they want – to make their virtual connections real.

This feature expands the trust factor. It provides a venue for people to be themselves – to mix and mingle with ease – so they have yet another means of confirming they are a match as roommates.



With up to 50% in savings, compared to living alone, WeRoomies is a go-to destination for identifying the ideal roommate — and reducing daily expenses like rent, food and utilities.

More importantly, WeRoomies is a gateway to establishing lifelong friendships with people who can introduce you to your new city.

WeRoomies also offers landlords the opportunity to go from a strictly reactive situation to one where they have more control.

Landlords now have a reliable way to rent space and enjoy passive income, in addition to the privilege of rating and reviewing tenants, courtesy of WeRoomies.